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Benefits of Using the Magento Cloud Hosting

Make your Magento hosting experience enjoyable with high security, reliability, and uptime. Turn your eCommerce dreams into reality with managed Magento hosting.
Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Isolation from noisy neighbors gives high security to the cloud hosting for Magento.

Superior Reliability

Superior Reliability

Latest distributed storage (CEPH) and cloud technologies to ensure high availability of cloud hosting for Magento.

Improved Uptime

Improved Uptime

Redundant cloud hosting platform which tolerates the hardware failures.

Excellent Management

Excellent Management

In-house developed powerful control panel allows easy management of cloud hosting for Magento.

6 Reasons to Choose Managed Magento Cloud Hosting

Fully managed Magento hosting on the Kubernetes cloud platform. High-Performance Magento Hosting Helps You Succeed.
Always Low Price

Enjoy Magento Ecommerce Hosting with constantly enriched features at an affordable price. Hosting plans start at $8.99/m. You will never get an overage charge for the high traffic usage. Create your Magento websites Now!

24/7/365 Tech Support

Be it sales questions, technical issues, or any other problems with our managed Magento Ecommerce Hosting, our support team is available 24/7 by live chats and tickets to ensure any issue is addressed with a high level of efficiency.

7-Day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required

7-day free trial enables you to try our Magento Ecommerce Hosting without any hassle. Get your free trial hosting now, our support team can help you migrate your existing onto our platform for FREE.

Fully Managed Magento Hosting

Our expert team takes on the management work of cloud hosting for Magento, including system administration, maintenance, upgrade and security, leaving you time and energy to concentrate on your business value. Magento 2 hosting is available.

Simple & Powerful Control Panel

You can quickly start your Magento Website by one click, import/export any files via FTP, securely manage your Magento through Shell/SSH, and monitor console with Magento metrics. All these management operations can be taken on a single intuitive client panel.

Easy Backup and Restoration

To secure your data, our managed Magento Ecommerce hosting plans come with regular backup feature. If a backup or restoration is needed, you can take it manually in just one hit of a button.

Managed Magento 2 Hosting in Minutes

7-day free trial for Magento lets you start selling online quickly. Build and deploy your Magento 2 open source today.

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FAQs of Magento Open Source Cloud Hosting

The most commonly asked questions about our Magento eCommerce hosting service.

What is Mgtclusters Magento hosting?

Mgtclusters is a Magento Hosting provider. By subscribing to the Magento open source hosting, users don't need to pay for Magento community editions but only for server resources and managed services. It is a cost-effective commercial website hosting solution and provides Magento 2.4.4/2.4.3/2.3.5 versions to choose from. The infrastructure includes Linux OS, Docker, MySQL, PHP, Apache, etc. Magento Hosting price start at $8.99/m.

What are the requirements to build a Magento hosting environment?

Magento hosting service needs to meet the following configurations: Linux: x86-64, Apache: 2. x, Nginx: 1.7x, MySQL: 5.6+, PHP: 5.4+. Mgtclusters, a Magento hosting provider, offers one-click installation for your Magento Community Edition, and you will get the commercial website within a few minutes without any hidden charges.

Is Magento open source?

Magento provides two versions: one is the free, open-source version, and the other is the paid enterprise version. Magento Community Edition is free and open source, while Enterprise Edition is proprietary and requires an annual license fee. Magento Enterprise pricing varies from enterprise to enterprise. Mgtclusters provides the hosting service for the free and open-source versions.

What are the basic functions of Magento?

Product management: There are many pictures, optional product reviews, favorites list, and inventory.
Classification management: facilitate classification search and selection of goods.
Inventory management: management of inventory products, import, and export.
Customer account: account status, transaction history, preferred directory, address, shopping cart.
Customer service: enhancements, customer contact list; Comprehensive follow-up, and email services.
Order management Payment: multiple payment methods, such as credit card, PayPal, Authorize Net, and Google Checkout, which support external payment modules, such as Cyber Source, ePay, and eWAY.
Search technology: fast, friendly, and supports searching on Google SiteMap International support: multilingual and currency Promotion and marketing tools: coupons, promotions, etc.
Analysis report: integrated with Google Analytics service to provide multiple reports.

What is Magento hosting?

Magento hosting is a packaged service that includes servers, data centers, and other resources, allowing enterprises to establish and manage online stores easily. With magento's powerful functions, scalability, and customizable templates, business owners can promote their online sales to a new level, whether for the first online store or expanding existing businesses.

What is Magento Open Source?

Magento Open Source is a free community version. It has all the tools and functions required by small enterprises, and the shopkeeper can add more integration or expansion as needed.They can even write code or hire developers to help them to create their solutions. The open-source platform includes the following built-in functions:

Integrate Billing, Payment, and Transportation
Mobile Commerce
Global Sales Catalog Management
Promotion and Pricing
Search Engine Optimization
Customer Account
Product Browsing
Website Search
Instant Purchase